Baseboard Heating System

Baseboard Heating System

One of the most common and best modern methods of heating, is using of central heating system.

In this type of systems, heat generated by hot water by means of the Heat distribution equipment, such as radiators or baseboard radiators distributed in different spaces of the building .

In big buildings using of local temperature such as heater has many problems, but in order to solve these problems, we can use from the central heating systems.

Heating by baseboard radiator

Baseboard radiators are good replacement for common radiators and floor heating systems. Finned radiators are used as a common heating system in the building.

The big disadvantage of this type of radiators is failure to comply with interior decoration, building shelf space occupied and non-uniform distribution of heat in the space. So baseboard radiators because of high surface of the heat exchange have better temperature distribution and so provide thermal comfort conditions.

In central heating system, hot water temperature is determined according to the boiling point of water in the geographical area which the system is used, which usually does not exceed 88 ° C.

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